Friday, March 5, 2021

If you work a lot, you're working wrong

... or you're working in the wrong place. 

You might be thinking: "oh, I'm working a lot and putting so many hours into this job, I must be pretty good at it". But that can just be far from reality. 

If you're being paid to work X amount of hours and you find yourself working more than that to be able to finish your tasks, it's because you haven't found a way to work smart. 

The problem of working a lot is that it gives a false sense of productivity, and that could fire back so badly in the form of burn-out and exhaustion. What's more, when performance review processes rate you excellently after you spent so many hours, you won't be able to see that you're actually trapped into inefficient work, that will forever make you enslaved to spend long hours at work.

It's also a bit paradoxical, and a bit unnatural to think, that in order to be more productive, you need to work less. But that's just true.

Work smart, not hard.

And prioritize.